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The Role of an Industrial Maintenance Manager in 2021

The role of an industrial maintenance manager in 2021 is changing. Read about the job, what's new, and what's the current focus of high-performing managers.

What is Mobile Enterprise Asset Management Software?

Learn about what is Mobile Enterprise Asset Management Software (Mobile EAM) and why it brings value to industrial maintenance teams operating with SAP.

5 Criteria for Selecting a Vendor for Mobile Maintenance Software

important criteria for selecting a mobile maintenance software vendor for digital transformation success in your SAP environment.

How to Improve Enterprise Asset Management with Reliability Centered Maintenance

Learn how to Improve Enterprise Asset Management with Reliability Centered Maintenance to maximize uptime and reduce maintenance costs.

3 Tactics to Address the Skilled Labor Shortage in Industrial Maintenance

The skills gap in industrial maintenance is growing. Read how you can close it.

Opportunities to Optimize SAP PM with Added Automation

Don’t miss these opportunities to augment SAP PM functionality for greater efficiency. Read more.

Solving Maintenance Challenges in Oil, Gas & Utility Operations

Digital transformation of maintenance is imperative for oil, gas, and utility industries. Read more.

Industrial Maintenance in the Age of Industry 4.0

Industry 5.0 is on the horizon, be ready with proven Industry 4.0 tech. Read how.

Top Metrics for Planning & Scheduling Effectiveness

Today’s approach to scheduling effectiveness measures. See the article now.

Top 5 Mobile App Features for Maintenance

Stop! Before you buy, make sure you consider these top 5 app features for mobile maintenance.

Key Downtime Metrics for Operations Management

No time for downtime! Now’s the best time to read about tracking and reducing lost time.

Best Practices for Improving Maintenance Effectiveness Ratios

See how the 80/20 rule applies in maintenance in our article about best practices to achieve maintenance effectiveness.

How to Measure and Improve Wrench Time

Get a handle on wrench time and see maintenance efficiency soar. Read our article on how to achieve great maintenance KPIs.

Smart vs. Traditional Maintenance

Are you managing your maintenance processes in a smart way? Compare your status with our Infographic.

Supporting Your Journey into Predictive Maintenance

Are you happy with your OEE results? Let us help you make progress on your predictive maintenance strategies.

How to Improve Your Progress Towards Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance isn’t out-of-reach. See how to lay the groundwork to reduce downtime and exceed Overall Equipment Efficiency goals!

Take the First Steps to Automate Routines in Maintenance

You already know what you need to do: use automation to boost efficiency in your maintenance processes. But where to start? The experts are here to help!

Enterprise Industrial Software: Ready-made vs. In-house Development

Every business invests in software, and choices have to be made: third-party or in-house development? Read our article and see which is right for you!

The Case for Paperless Maintenance

Despite the pitfalls of paper, many maintenance teams resist moving to a digitalized system. If you are ready to build the case for change, read this article.

How can you attract younger generations to maintenance jobs?

As millennials and other young groups dominate the global workforce, roles in maintenance are going increasingly unfilled. Read this week's blog to learn what your plant can do to attract young talent!

The Importance of Data Integrity in Asset Management

Reliable data is the backbone of a modern, well-optimized plant maintenance team. Read more about how a mobile solution can improve data integrity & overall production!

Mobility & ROI in Industrial Maintenance

Justifying new investments is harder now than ever. Calculate your ROI from mobilizing your maintenance team & get the tools you need.

Gemspring Capital Invests in Sigga Technologies

Gemspring Capital, a middle-market private equity firm, is pleased to announce an affiliate has completed a strategic investment in Sigga Technologies (“Sigga”), a leading provider of Enterprise Asset Management (“EAM”) software.

The Perfect Plant

Learn how to leverage IOT to achieve operational excellence. Download our whitepaper.

How will 5G Technology impact Enterprise Asset Management?

5G Technology is the next phase in wireless connectivity. When 5G becomes a reality, it will drastically change the way we use mobile devices everywhere. This technology will also have implications for industrial processes and Enterprise Asset Management.

Doing Mobile the Right Way for Plant Maintenance

Learn how to evaluate Mobile EAM solutions properly, and what benefits you can expect out of a Mobile-First Solution. Read our whitepaper here!

Device Decisions for Doing Mobile Right

Choose the right devices for your Mobile EAM deployment!

Mobile EAM Best Practices - Choosing the Right Mobile Device

Dozens of smartphones and tablets are released every year, but not all of them are created equal. Read our white paper and learn how to select the best mobile device for your plant maintenance team.

COVID-19 & Maintenance

If one thing can be said without a shadow of a doubt, it is that the current COVID-19 pandemic and economic fall-out is a new phenomenon to current generations – one we were not prepared for. 

Sigga Workforce Technologies & AG Consultancy Announce Strategic Partnership

BELGIUM, 2020, May 27th  - Sigga is pleased to announce their newfound partnership with AG Consultancy & Apps, an independent SAP Consultancy, SAP Gold Partner and SAP Quality Awards Gold Winner that specialises in delivering high-quality Enterprise Asset Management (EAM).

Sigga Announces Brisbane, Australia as APAC HQ

HOUSTON, TX, USA – JULY 14, 2020  Sigga, best of breed end-to-end EAM software for SAP, is excited to announce its expansion into Australia. Brisbane now hosts Sigga's APAC headquarters, reinforcing its commitment to the Asia Pacific region and its global customers.

Investing in Expert Employees is Core of Global Growth Strategy

Sigga continues to invest heavily in the future to support the values and vision in which the company was founded upon.  We aim to become the benchmark solution provider for Mobile Digital Transformation, with people at the center of all that we do. 

The Importance of Industrial Maintenance and its Concepts

Industrial Maintenance: I am sure you’ve heard this term before. But why is it so important for your company, and what are its key concepts? In this blog we’ll guide you through the importance of Industrial Maintenance and explain what your organization needs to know.

ISO 5500X – Do you have an Asset Management Strategy?

Companies are constantly challenged by how to adapt their asset management practices to the volatility, uncertainty, change and ambiguity in today’s business environment.

Why your business should care about using SAP Certified solutions.

When looking for an EAM solution, have you ever seen the terms SAP Partner or SAP-Certified? Do you know the difference? Is there a difference? In this post, we’ll learn more about the difference between being an SAP Partner vs. being SAP-Certified and why it’s important for your business

How to be Strategic about Industrial Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management is often seen more as a series of required tasks than as an essential part of any industrial process. Some companies even reduce maintenance management to a “necessary evil”, or to mere and unavoidable production cost.

The leap from Industry 4.0 to Industry 5.0. 4-min read

It seems that when we were finally understanding, implementing and getting used to industry 4.0, the term 5.0 came about. When did this happen? Why so fast?

Smart Plants – AI, IIoT and the future of Asset Management

For some, the terms Artificial Intelligence (AI) or the Internet of Things (IoT) may seem that they belong in a distant future and that they are about intangible concepts that are far from our reality.

What is the difference between Maintenance Planning and Scheduling?

Planning and Scheduling in industrial maintenance may be distinct and straightforward concepts, but they often get mixed.

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