Today’s maintenance departments face dynamic challenges such as shrinking budgets and a growing labour shortage. Both of these challenges have been further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Baby Boomers are opting to retire early rather than cope with the health risks and restrictions of returning to work. With younger generations gravitating away from industrial maintenance professions, there are not enough qualified workers to fill job openings. And as organisations accelerate their deployment of digital technologies and smart machines, today’s maintenance professionals require more diversified skill sets – the ability to handle both physical and software-based maintenance and repair tasks.


In this business environment, it has become imperative to motivate, retain and attract your industrial maintenance workforce. Download our eBook to get some practical advice from industry experts and our own experiences with successful, global, enterprise organisations. The list includes tips on what you can do immediately and in the near term to make a material impact within your maintenance department.

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