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Meet the team

What makes Sigga Workforce Technologies great? Our people, of course! We owe our amazing and continued growth to the passionate, driven, and talented people that make up our team. Get to know the faces behind our company's success. Meet our US team.

EXecutive Leadership

Three decades of consulting and software implementation experience at companies like IBM, Oracle, and SAP, along with a passion for innovation and creating a vibrant workplace that inspires the best from its people fueled Warley to Start Sigga.

With over 20 years of experience in Enterprise Asset Management and Information Technology, Romeu is passionate about bringing innovative EAM technologies to life to improve ROI, safety, and efficiency in the industrial workplace.

Prior to joining Sigga as Chief Financial Officer, Diogo worked at Ernst & Young where he gained invaluable experience auditing major international companies, preparing compliant financial statements, and developing staff training courses.

Gustavo is the leading figure behind Sigga's cutting-edge tech. With over 17 years of experience in IT solutions and R&D leadership, Gustavo has a deep understanding of complex inventory processes, ERP systems, and EAM solutions.

20 years of enterprise software experience have enabled Andy to rise up as a key industry executive, and our Vice President of Sales.

Thanks to his attention to detail, vast areas of expertise and extensive 18 years of experience, Terry Reese is our Vice President of Global Services.

Services | Research & Development

From it's conception to where it is now, Priscilla has witnessed Sigga's transformation over the years. She has served Sigga in various capacities for over 15 years and has experienced tremendous personal and professional growth along the way. 

Cesar is a multilingual certified Project Management Professional with more than 15 years of experience in establishing PMO team structure, methodology, processes, and mentoring project managers towards successful execution. 
A force in IT for more than 20 years, Fernando has extensive experience in solution delivery, operations management and strategic projects. He has managed accounts and relationships across numerous large multi-national teams.
Diego is a master of customer relationship management, quality control and client satisfaction. Focused on alligning Sigga's products with business goals, he is always looking for ways to improve work processes and organization.
Rodrigo's abilities in computer science and project management ensure that our products are always alligned with our customer's needs. His areas of focus include flexible search solutions, ease of use and business process optimization.


Aaron is a University of Houston alumni who joined Sigga with over 5 years of communication and marketing experience. Bright and driven, Aaron was a part of the top producing team in the nation’s premiere sales program, the Program for Excellence in Selling.


A leading sales executive with a strong IT background, Bruno has an incredible suite of abilities that allows him to rapidly develop new business partnerships and build trust-based relationships with customers and team members.
Cristi is a University of Texas at Austin alumni with over 25 years of key leadership experience in sales. Transforming strategic objectives into viable business solutions and creatively penetrating new markets is Cristi's forte.

Based in San Francisco, Chris is a Silicon Valley thought leader with a strong background in mobile apps and artificial intelligence. With experience as both a software engineer and sales leader, Chris provides incredible value to our customers.

A Texas Southern University alumni with over eight years of sales and marketing experience in banking, tech support, customer service and business-to-business sales, Edwin's drive and energy is a force to be reckoned with.

Callie joined the team shortly after attending Wharton Community College. Her passion for sales, drive for success, and firm belief in Sigga's innovative products makes her a valuable force for success for the company.


A solid and strategic understanding of human resources management helps Mauricio to expertly manage our most valuable asset. Sigga relies on his vast knowledge and analytical skills to discover and implement improvements that keep our employees happy and productive.

Adriana is an experienced finance and administration professional who speaks three languages -- English, Portuguese and Spanish. She's an International MBA graduate with extensive experience in the Insurance and Telecommunication industries.

Marcia has had an extensive professional experience in International Human Resources, Education, and Administration for over 13 years. She is an avid traveler and is passionate about advocacy and volunteer work.