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Gustavo Comanduci

Chief Technology Officer
"No two days are the same at Sigga; there’s always a challenge to overcome and an innovative solution to implement."

Gustavo began attending Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais in Brazil in 1998 and graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science in 2002.

He started his professional tech career a year before that as senior software engineer at Lider Aviation in Belo Horizonte, where he was responsible for the development team for fleet management/maintenance and ground support systems for fixed and rotary-wing aircraft.

Gustavo's four years there gave him a deep understating of complex procurement and maintenance processes for international business.

During his final two years at Lider he returned to school - the Federal University of Minas Gerais - for a Post Graduation in Software Engineering, and joined Sigga Workforce Technologies in August of 2005 as senior software engineer.

He held that title for nearly three years and was tasked with defining, planning, testing and delivering complex software solutions to large customers. He began his MBA in Business Management in 2007 at Ibmec and was promoted to research and development manager in 2008.

It’s wonderful how many smart people we have here and how many other smart companies we get to work with. Sigga and I both share a passion for the environment -- I love going outside whenever I can and just experiencing all the nature that exists around us.

For the first time in Gustavo's career, he was accountable for the entire lifecycle of a product within his department - and owned that responsibility until August 2013 when he assumed the position of chief technical officer.

His duties include managing multiple teams on complex multi-platform environments and working closely with customers, product owners and product managers to ensure continuous delivery of the entire portfolio.

Gustavo is an avid scuba diver. He spends his free time taking in the splendors of the ocean and hanging out with his with his wife and three children.