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Romeu Sciotta

Executive Vice President
"We started Sigga because we wanted to cultivate a company culture of honesty, transparency and a genuine passion for building long-term relationships."

By the time Romeu received a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from the University of Taubaté in Brazil in 1997, he had already built extensive professional experience in the industry for various companies.

Post graduation, he left Alcan Aluminium in 1998 – after deploying MAXIMO – and started implementing MAXIMO as a consultant.

Romeu brought his skills to MRO Software* in 2000, leading their professional services department in Brazil.  As a co-founder of Sigga, Romeu lead consulting services, R&D, partnerships, and sales & marketing departments.

Currently, he oversees Sigga’s global operation out of their headquarters in Houston, TX.

The journey has been amazing for me, both professionally and personally; I always thank God for blessing me with a wonderful family, lovely friends, and for allowing me to do what I love.

Romeu played different roles at Sigga. He managed consulting services, establishing key partnerships with Oracle and SAP.

After over six years leading sales and alliances, he accepted the challenge to create the Sigga R&D department. This took the relationship with SAP to the next level; Sigga became a global benchmark for the SAP Co-Innovation Lab and SAP Integration Certification Center.

Romeu held the additional title Vice President of Global Sales before moving to the U.S. to lead the North America operation at his current role as Executive Vice President in 2015.

An avid musician, Romeu enjoys playing his guitar to unwind. In his free time, you'll find him cooking for his family and friends and spending time with his beloved wife and three kids.

*MRO Software - formerly known as PSDI, was a software firm based in Bedford, MA, which published Maximo, an Enterprise Asset Management system in the market. In 2006 the company was acquired by IBM for $739 million.