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Chief Executive Officer
"We all come to work everyday knowing that we will be respected, listened to, and given amazing opportunities to grow and develop."

In 1988 Warley Borges concluded his studies as a maintenance engineer and began his professional experience developing software for lubricant manufacturing companies.

His work at that time involved managing the complete implementation process of Enterprise Asset Management - from the mainframe to the final client solution. He returned to school after this and completed his degree in mechanical engineering.

Prior to Sigga, he did EAM client consulting for solution providers like MAXIMO, Oracle Corporation and SAP. After several years of this, Warley and his friend Romeu Sciotta felt they had a strong enough foundation to strike out on their own and started Sigga Workforce Technologies in 2001. They wanted to create a positive and vibrant atmosphere where everyone can feel inspired and happy contributing their skills to create the best outcomes.

Each of our EAM solutions is the result of more than 17 years of innovation and development and we’ve empowered more than 50,000 client employees through this commitment to excellence.

Innovation was one of their key values when they founded the company - so much so that it’s actually in the name. Initially, SIGGA was an acronym which stood for: S - Solutions, I - Innovation, G - Guarantee, G - Gestão (“Management” in Portuguese), and A - Asset.

Warley's family serves as his biggest joy and inspiration. He loves traveling around the world with his wife and two kids, learning about and experiencing new places and cultures. He also makes it a priority to go fishing at least three times a year and is an avid tennis player.