SAP Notifications In Your Pocket

Companies strive to minimize downtime and accelerate maintenance processes, and the right software is critical to accomplishing these goals. Time is money, and equipment problems must be identified, reported and resolved as quickly as possible.


Sigga's Mobile EAM Notification app makes this dream a reality. It's an SAP-integrated module from our best-in-class Mobile EAM solution – and it makes creating and acting on notifications in SAP PM simple and instantaneous. When an equipment operator discovers a critical error with a piece of equipment, they can easily create a notification right from their mobile device. This notification is automatically synchronized to SAP instantly, allowing planners & schedulers to view all vital info and act on it faster than ever.

Key Features

Quickly Create & Access

Your time is valuable. Create SAP notifications in under a minute & utilize templates for common issues. You can even work offline - your data will automatically sync to SAP once connectivity is reestablished.


Report breakdowns instantly with precise information, and standardize failure & equipment codes. Drive data quality and minimize ambiguity across the plant floor.

Visual & Audio Confirmation

Fully illustrate every issue. Easily capture and attach photos, audio recordings, video clips & documents right from your device. Report issues with clarity like never before.

Your Team

Empower everyone in your organization. Sigga can be used by any users that open notifications - not just maintenance personnel.

See For Yourself

See how quick and easy it is to create a notification in SAP PM with our mobile app!

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