Planning & Scheduling: A Strategic Approach

Enjoy these highlights from a great conversation with our customer Rafael Padilha, Director for Reliability and Continuous Improvement at Ingredion (NYSE:INGR).

Rafael shares real-life situations from his current role as well as from his experience at AmBev and Unilever on how to engage stakeholders like IT and S & OP to streamline maintenance planning and scheduling and drive digital transformation initiatives.

Scheduling Challenges Without a Solution

Can you relate? Rafael describes the challenges and complexities of creating maintenance schedules. The process is ripe for solutions to bring the data together in a visual way.

Commitment to Digital Transformation

Automation brings powerful benefits to an organization with vision and commitment to the follow-through. Rafael provides his insights on driving the change.

Results: Wrench Time

According to Doc Palmer, the author of McGraw-Hill’s Maintenance Planning and Scheduling Handbook, the benefit of good planning and scheduling can result in a 57% improvement in wrench time on average. See how Rafael drove wrench time results with better scheduling and mobile technologies for technicians.

Results: Planner Efficiency

In addition to wrench time, Rafael outlines the improvements in data capture, time savings, and effective utilization of the planners.

Advice: Collaborate
with IT Early

A key piece of advice from Rafael is about proactively working with IT. Hear his perspective on the win-win.

Advice: Recognize & Manage Change

Rafael addresses key questions including how to overcome resistance to change.

In addition to these excerpts, Rafael spoke about the importance of good data, establishing the right culture around reliability,
and where to get started. View the webinar in its entirety to learn more.


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