How Can EAM Analytics Improve Your Business?

Sigga’s EAM Analytics solution allows directors, managers, supervisors, and maintenance managers to take action in a timely manner through mobility management. It is ready to use out-of-the-box and provides a clear and holistic overview of maintenance performance through 200+ KPIs, dashboards, and custom reports. It allows users to manage by exception and set alerts on various metrics important to the organization and drill into the data from any mobile device.

Budget Tracking

Track material consumption and third-party service execution to ensure budget adherence.

Resource Utilization

Quickly identify and analyze resource utilization vs actual workload to reduce inefficiencies.

Preventative Work

Track effectiveness of preventive maintenance processes by monitoring the execution of round inspections.

Gain Time

Review analytics without the need to extract data from SAP or spend hours in an Excel spreadsheet.

See For Yourself

Learn more about the capabilities of EAM Analytics and how it can help your business with this brief product overview video.  

Key Features

Predefined Indicators

Large set of out-of-the-box maintenance KPIs and reports that allow for quick and easy implementation.


Easily create personalized KPIs, set goals, and manage alerts. Create specific indicators without the need to involve IT.

Easy to Use

Intuitive user interface designed by maintenance and SAP professionals to provide a sleek and dynamic experience that’s easy to navigate and use.

Immediate Maintenance Alerts

Monitor maintenance activities and discover budget deviations and outliers via alerts and drill-down options.

KPI Modules



Profitable Benefits

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EAM Analytics Product Sheet

Download our EAM Analytics one page product sheet for more information about how our solution can help your business.

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