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Watch a Replay from our Sigga EAM Empower Demo Series: Seeing is Believing


Watch our demos on demand to see the re-creation of actual modifications made to our EAM Empower app. See how easy it can be to tailor the proven app to your unique maintenance program requirements without customizations due to its innovative no-code platform.

  • No professional developers 
  • No customization costs
  • Not even for integration with SAP!

See why those who have attended our demos are amazed with how easy it is to adapt.

Watch now to imagine how easy it can be to go mobile and gain the productivity and cost savings you need in your unique operations.


Demo #1: Breakthrough Flexibility with a Proven App

Overview of the app features highlighting the no-code screens for making modifications, plus views of the no-code SAP integration. 45 min.


Demo #2: Custom Safety Procedures Without Customizations

Watch a re-creation of app modifications for a Sigga client in the chemical industry who had critical equipment readiness procedures for safety and reporting. 30 min.


Demo #3: Your EAM Processes Your Way

See how our app was tailored to this company’s unique way of managing their work orders including how they reinforce their work permit requirements. 30 min.


Demo #4: Automate Planning & Scheduling for Greater Efficiency

See how you can materially improve working with SAP to complete the planning of work orders and create maintenance schedules. 45 min.