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Practical Advice to Attract and Retain Industrial Maintenance Talent

Here’s some practical tips to deal with the ongoing skilled labor challenges in industrial maintenance. Read how to better attract and retain employees in today's market.

The Future of SAP Plant Maintenance in the New Paradigm of Industry 4.0 and 5.0

In this whitepaper, we focus on how this technological revolution can help asset-intensive industries find new ways to reduce costs, improve safety, enable detailed and proactive monitoring of assets, optimize maintenance workflows, and drastically reduce downtime.

Unleash Power SAP and Save

Download and read our white paper on how to evaluate the impact of bringing an automation solution to your maintenance Planning and Scheduling processes with SAP PM. 

Digital Transformation Success

Effective change management is a critical part of achieving results in digital technology deployment within industrial maintenance. Get the tips you need to drive success.

Time to Make the Change to Reliability

Get free expert advice FROM ERIK HUPJE, FOUNDER OF R2 RELIABILITY, PLUS ACCESS TO online tools to help build your business case to make the change to reliability and save in industrial maintenance.

The Total Productive Maintenance Guide for SAP Plant Maintenance

Whether you are just getting started or want to accelerate your TPM program, download our whitepaper for best practices to achieve exceptional OEE results.

Doing Mobile The Right Way

The landscape of plant maintenance is shifting fast thanks to automation & digital technology. Mobile EAM takes your plant to the next level.

Mobile Device Feature Guide for Industrial Applications

Industrial maintenance teams require rugged mobile devices that best fit their work environments. Read about the feature considerations for Mobile EAM.

Tell-tale Signs of Gaps in Planning & Scheduling

The first step in solving a problem is knowing you have a problem. Read our eBook to evaluate your situation plus get advice on how to course-correct your maintenance operations.

Benefits of a Mobile Maintenance App Connected with SAP

There are many benefits of a mobile app over paper-based maintenance work orders. See how much more you’ll gain by choosing one connected to your SAP ERP.

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