For 20 years, we have supported companies in their digital transformation journeys. We were founded by top EAM consultants, with a deep understanding of the industry pains and needs. We work closely with our SAP customers to overcome their challenges to optimize their operations.

At Sigga, we invest hundreds of thousands of hours a year in internal training, security compliance, and SAP certifications, plus research & development for integrations with automation and IIoT technologies. This investment ensures we can stay on top of ever-evolving advancements in technology to deliver you the highest quality, integrated experiences in our software.

Our best-in-class EAM products are ready for complex business and integration scenarios and for high volumes of data all while being simple to implement. From maintenance planning, scheduling, and day-to-day execution to warehouse and inventory workflows, we are ready to support your needs to digitize critical processes of modern plant operations.

With uncompromised integrity, we have always put our customers first resulting in long-term, stable partnerships with clients in more than 14 asset-intensive industries around the globe.

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Our Mission

Empower asset intensive businesses to achieve
their EAM digital transformation

Our Vision

Through digital transformation, be the most trusted partner in improving the work-life quality and efficiency of service technicians and supporting roles in EAM

Our Security and Compliance Commitment

We are dedicated to sustaining our industry-leading data security, privacy, and compliance practices for your assurance.

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Our Solutions

Sigga is an SAP certified global software company providing scalable, out-of-the box Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions across industry sectors.  Our EAM solutions enable our clients’ digital transformation initiatives to improve processes. For two decades, we have been partnering with SAP and helping SAP customers in more than 14 different industries across the globe, to achieve better results in their plant maintenance workflows by increasing profitability, productivity, maximizing efficiency, and reducing costs.

Sigga ISO Certification                                           Sigga SAP Partner logo & SAP S/4HANA