Here at Sigga Technologies, we have been helping asset-intensive companies digitize their maintenance operations for over 20 years. We started as a professional services company and after a few years, pursued the opportunity to specialize in software and mobile experiences to optimize SAP. We have been supporting and maintaining mobile EAM solutions with global enterprises longer than any other provider in the market.


To be a leader in solutions for SAP and in mobility requires constant innovation and diligence to evolve in-step with SAP and the mobile operating systems. On top of that, our R&D team are leading the way by delivering the features companies need to stay competitive. We recently launched EAM Empower, the world’s first mobile EAM on a no-code platform. This latest innovation enables the ability to tailor the app without customizations resulting in lower cost, faster deployment, and greater flexibility for the future.


This is just one example of our passion in helping companies to continually improve productivity and reduce costs. As a result of our uncompromising integrity and putting customers first, we have built long-term, stable partnerships with some of the largest companies in the world.


And to extend the Sigga Experience to more clients, we are supported by investment from Gemspring Capital, a private equity firm, who has partnered with us to accelerate the growth and development of our global footprint.


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Our Mission

Empower asset intensive businesses to achieve
their EAM digital transformation

Our Vision

Through digital transformation, be the most trusted partner in improving the work-life quality and efficiency of service technicians and supporting roles in EAM

Our Security and Compliance Commitment

We are dedicated to sustaining our industry-leading data security, privacy, and compliance practices for your assurance.

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Our Solutions

Sigga is an SAP certified global software company providing scalable, out-of-the box Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solutions across industry sectors.  Our EAM solutions enable our clients’ digital transformation initiatives to improve processes. For two decades, we have been partnering with SAP and helping SAP customers in more than 14 different industries across the globe, to achieve better results in their plant maintenance workflows by increasing profitability, productivity, maximizing efficiency, and reducing costs.

Sigga ISO Certification                                           Sigga SAP Partner logo & SAP S/4HANA
20 Years of Simplifying EAM Workflows

Optimize plant maintenance with a partner who has 20-years of experience in simplifying EAM workflows with SAP. See the history and benefits for your operations.

Gemspring Capital Invests in Sigga Technologies

Gemspring Capital, a middle-market private equity firm, is pleased to announce an affiliate has completed a strategic investment in Sigga Technologies (“Sigga”), a leading provider of Enterprise Asset Management (“EAM”) software.

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