• Sigga is an international software company focused on delivering mobile and innovative applications that optimize workflows, streamline processes, and generate real-time data to enhance productivity.
  • Sigga was founded by consultants nearly 20 years ago who know and understand the pains of SAP firsthand and decided to create solutions specifically targeted to make users’ lives easier.
  • Sigga provides a holistic EAM solution: from planning and programming to field maintenance operations, inventory and warehouse routines, and KPIs for analyzing operational efficiency. All solutions are ready for complex business and integration scenarios.
  • Sigga invests thousands of hours a year in research & development for integration with automated and IoT technologies. This ensures we are always ahead of the ever-evolving advancements in technology.

Our Values






Our Mission

Enable companies to be more productive and competitive by optimizing asset management and operational routines through innovative solutions aligned with the technologies of the future. 

Our Vision

Be a world leader in technologies for simplifying processes and business activities. 

Our History


Sigga Founded


First Application Installed


SAP Certified By SAP NetWeaver

10K Users


Industry 4.0 R&D Investing


Global Expansion


40K Users

+200K Hours in R&D

End-to-End EAM Solution

SAP Certified SAP S/4HANA

Our Customers

We are proud to have cultivated a loyal and prestigious client base thanks to nearly two decades of dedication to excellence and customer success across numerous industry segments around the globe.  


We are even more proud of the ROI we have been proven to help our clients achieve. 


Contact us to learn more about what our customers love about Sigga’s EAM EAM platforms and how we’ve helped make their operations simpler, safer, and more profitable. 

Our Solutions

Sigga’s suite of solutions is fully SAP Certified and  provides  scalable, out-of-the-box Enterprise Asset Management enhancements across industry sectors, enabling  our clients’ digital transformation initiatives to enhance areas like analytics, mobility, and IoT. Our solutions are specifically designed to seamlessly integrate  with SAP PM from any platform and completely connect the workforce to allow workflows to be fully digitalized and increase data quality to provide immediate ROI. Sigga’s investment in R&D is focused on the end-user experience to ensure an intuitive UI for quick adoption and a means to execute tasks and jobs faster, easier, and more accurately. 

What Makes Us Different

  • Most complete End-to-End EAM mobile solution for SAP
  • Advanced synchronism engine with optimal performance 
  • UI design to drive user adoption 
  • Ready for complex business & integration scenarios