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Optimize your workflows, streamline your processes, minimize errors, and cut costs every step of the way. From planning and scheduling, to field operations, inventory and warehouse management, as well as KPIs and analytics, our platforms enable users to get more out of SAP.

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Our products

Operating globally, deeply-rooted in asset and materials management and pioneering predictive maintenance, our products and solutions enable multi-industry organizations utilizing SAP to get more out of the platform.  We help companies get a better return on their investment by transforming paper into mobility, problems into actions, data into intelligence, and cost into efficiency.


Planning and Scheduling

Get accurate and timely information to make better and crucial decisions about backlog, materials, technicians, or cost.
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Planning & Scheduling

Mobile Plant Maintenance and Field Services Management

Avert costly errors and identify potentially catastrophic issues before things get out of hand.
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Smart Mobile Forms Designer

Do away with your paper-driven process and integrate custom smart forms into the fold.
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Mobile Warehouse and Inventory Management

Don't lose money on inaccurate, inadequate, and inefficient stock management processes.
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Execution & Real-Time Monitoring

Enterprise Asset Management and Business Analytics

Make the best decisions at the right time. Get 360-degree EAM data analytics with a focus on productivity, traceability, and profitability.
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KPIs & Analytics

Our clients are happy about

improved ROIincreased productivityefficient workflowsimproved safetyfaster wrench timeworking on- or offlineaccurate metrics & data

Sigga's Mobile EAM Platform is the most complete tool for preventive repair and maintenance available in the market. We vouch for their excellent team and believe highly in the product.

Robson Barbosa
Maintenance Engineer
WIth over 180K HOurs/yr spent on R&D



Better, Faster, Safer

Aerial asset inspections with flight control and imaging capture
Discover our drones
Aerial Asset Inspections
Industrial Drones
Industrial Beacons - Positive Identification

Precise and accurate

Positive identification and orders execution control.
Discover our Beacons
Thermal Cameras - Maintenance Inspections
Thermal cameras

Protective and immediate

Thermal photos during maintenance inspections.
Discover our Thermal Cameras


Mobile EAM - Commercial Drone Inspection 1

Take a sneak peek at our Mobile EAM Drone Inspection in action. Here's video 1 of 2.

Mobilizing The Plant Floor

Learn about the challenges of mobile work order execution & how to solve them.

Mobile EAM Features

Learn about some of our Mobile EAM's most important keys and features.

Mobile EAM - Commercial Drone Inspection 2

Take a sneak peek at our Mobile EAM Drone Inspection in action. Here's video 2 of 2.

The Sigga Solution

Learn how our platforms can help you optimize workflows, make smart decisions, & cut costs.

Why Sigga

Why trust Sigga? Let us count the ways. Here's a downloadable sheet with a few reasons why.

Case Study: AMBEV

Find out how our EAM platforms helped AMBEV get to the next level.

White Paper: The Perfect Plant

Learn how to leverage AI & IOT to achieve operational excellence. Download our whitepaper.

Webinar: Doing Mobile the Right Way for Plant Maintenance

Learn how to evaluate Moble EAM solutions properly, and what benefits you can expect out of a Mobile First Solution. Watch our webinar here!

White Paper: Doing Mobile the Right Way for Plant Maintenance

Learn how to evaluate Moble EAM solutions properly, and what benefits you can expect out of a Mobile First Solution. Read our whitepaper here!

Webinar: The Perfect Plant

Learn how to leverage AI & IOT to achieve operational excellence. Watch our webinar!

Webinar: How AI and IoT Can Enhance Enterprise Asset Management

Learn how emerging technologies can move your plant closer to optimal performance. Watch our webinar!

White Paper: How AI and IoT Can Enhance Enterprise Asset Management

Today's businesses can't afford to operate at anything less than optimal eficiency. Download our new whitepaper to learn how Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things can improve your plant's operations.

Webinar: Mobile Technology Modernizes Manufacturing Management

See for yourself how deploying a mobile solution for your plant workflow can reap huge ROI benefits!

White Paper: Device Decisions for Doing Mobile Right

Choose the right devices for your Mobile EAM deployment!

Webinar: Mobile EAM In 2019: How Maintenance Mobility Increases ROI & Why It Should Be In Your Budget

Don't fall behind this year. See why a maintenance mobility solution needs to be in your budget.

Webinar: Device Decisions for Doing Mobile Right

You understand the benefits an EAM mobility solution can offer, but software is only part of the equation. Let us make sure you have a strong foundation for your mobile deployment.

Webinar: Getting the Most Out of SAP PM with Sigga Solutions

Learn more about our native SAP add-on solutions and be sure you're getting everything out of SAP that you were promised.

Case Study: Cenibra

Cenibra recently adopted our Mobile EAM Solution for their contractor team with great results. Find out more!

Case Study: Furnas

See how we helped one of the largest power companies in the world save thousands and increase their maintenance staff's efficiency.

Case Study: Bunge

The asset management of Bunge's sugar and ethanol plants was reactive and slow... until they learned about Sigga Mobile EAM.

White Paper: Mobile EAM Best Practices - Choosing the Right Mobile Device

Dozens of smartphones and tablets are released every year, but not all of them are created equal. Read our white paper and learn how to select the best mobile device for your plant maintenance team.

Webinar: Don't Fall Behind, Go Mobile

Firms around the world are increasingly adopting Mobile EAM solutions to replace inefficient, paper-based workflows. Get started here!

Webinar: The Benefits of Going Mobile

What are you missing out on by not going mobile? Learn about the benefits you can expect to reap from a fully digitalized workforce!

Webinar: Improving Efficiency With Mobile Apps

Hear straight from one of our clients about the benefits of implementing a Mobile EAM solution for your plant maintenance team.

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