Modernize Oil & Gas Operations

Maintain equipment and stay connected. Anywhere, online or offline.

Digitize workflows to replace paper-based processes

Oil & gas operations are facing increasingly complex machinery, a growing skills gap, and fluctuating economic conditions. Paper-based processes are intensifying these issues and costing money. Yet, a majority of oil and gas companies continue to rely on paper for work orders, scheduling, compliance, inventory, invoicing, and beyond.

According to a study by McKinsey & Company*, fully digital workflow management and pursuing predictive-to-prescriptive maintenance can materially reduce downtime up to 30% within both upstream and downstream oil & gas companies. Get started by replacing paper and excessive administrative tasks through mobile apps and software that connect your inspectors and technicians with SAP.

* Harnessing volatility: Technology transformation in oil and gas

Sigga enables oil and gas companies to:

Reduce Costs

Cut time wastes & paper usage

Increase Asset Availability

Increase asset uptime and MTBF

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Improve asset operational efficiency

Increase Technician Productivity

Access information from anywhere

Improve Collaboration

Real-time visibility in SAP to resources and work status

Increase Compliance

Create and document safer working conditions


Results from Sigga Oil & Gas Clients:

Administrative Costs


Inspector Productivity


Breakdown Repairs


Asset 1

Reliability Excellence to Optimize Asset Availability

Sigga understands the criticality of equipment uptime for oil & gas companies. We can help you advance your inspection and maintenance processes to reduce downtime and disruptions to production. With over 20 years of experience, we have developed products and implementation methods to transform maintenance management. This includes a mobile app proven by over 70,000 inspectors & maintenance technicians and planning and scheduling software to optimize technician routing. Learn more about our solutions.

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