Our Experience Drives Your Success

Your success is our highest priority. We tailor our service packages to fit your unique environment. Our SAP and maintenance process experts are available around the world to ensure you not only deploy our software but gain rapid user adoption and scale across your global operations.
Our company started 20 years ago as professional consultants helping asset-intensive enterprises deploy SAP and EAM functionality. With the advent of mobile technology, we embraced the productivity of access to SAP through a mobile app. And to this day, we evolve and support our product installations earning ongoing trust from our global clients.

Our Flexible Implementation Methodology

Our professional services team will work with you hand-in-hand through every step to modify our software to your maintenance processes.  Our EAM Empower software is uniquely designed for adaptability and rapid implementation.
The no-code platform allows anyone to make changes to the app functionality. No knowledge of coding is required. And once you are live, you can deploy the changes instantly without the typical app update process. In other words, you don’t need to save up a lot of little changes to be revealed when the next app update is scheduled.
The no-code platform includes the world’s first no-code integration technology with SAP. This further streamlines the implementation and saves IT resources and funding. No customizations and no professional developers needed.
Our flexible implementation services are designed to help you implement quickly and take full advantage of the unique features of our no-code platform for both the initial deployment and to meet your ongoing needs.
Sigga's Flexibile Implementations

Modify the App in Days instead of Months

The benefits are real. Here’s an example of a complex change required for a Sigga client. The app modification took the client 5 days using the no-code platform. In the past, this change would have required two months of time at a significant cost using a professional developer.


Empower vs Traditional Development


Sigga No-code Platform

Sigga Empower Workers

Driving Adoption Success

Our professional services don’t end with software deployment. Results come from successful user adoption of new mobile workflows. Our global training and roll-out services are designed to accelerate the change management process and scale our solutions across your global sites.


Sigga Customer-centered Support

Sigga's Support Team is ready to assist clients around the globe. We are available 24/7 and offer customer-centered live support based on your choice of support packages. And for Sigga EAM Empower, our support packages are seamlessly complemented by Microsoft Azure Cloud Support.


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