Watch How Sigga's Solutions
Optimize Plant Maintenance

Do These Challenges Sound Familiar?

Paper based processes are slow, costly, & inefficient.

Complexity leads to workarounds & communication errors. 

A disconnected workforce leads to wasted time. 

Current processes are not sustainable for future technologies. 

There is no insight into resources available. 

Work More Efficiently & Profitably With Sigga’s Solutions.

Use mobility to provide real-time visibility to job operations for the entire workforce anytime, anywhere, online or offline.

Reduce the number of clicks & screens to complete tasks, enable quick user adoption and collect more accurate data with our UX design.

Avoid unnecessary downtime by performing predictive maintenance.

Be prepared for the future: mobility is the key to reporting accuracy & employee retention of quality workers.

Ensure the right material & match people  to the right jobs with dynamic auto-scheduling.

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