How Can Mobile EAM Improve Your Business?

Sigga’s Mobile EAM application digitalizes the entire maintenance process and connects all users in real-time. It's available both online and offline and has seamless background sync to SAP PM. Get the power of SAP PM in the palm of your hand, increase efficiency and reduce your operational costs.

Quality Data

Eliminate manual processes, execute work orders and perform all maintenance related tasks in the field through one mobile application.


Increase wrench time by eliminating inefficiencies throughout processes, such as waiting for instructions, missing parts & materials, and sending instant critical notifications.

Resource Allocation

View the activities of users in real-time and analyze the deviations and stops in the execution of services to review plans and reallocate resources.


Information and quality data in a digital format are the key foundations on which all new disruptive technologies will rely.

See For Yourself

Sigga Mobile EAM is the world’s most advanced mobile asset management solution for SAP PM. See how we manage and bring the power of SAP PM and beyond to the palm of your hand while keeping the user interface simple and intuitive.

If you're looking for an easy to deploy, SAP-certified, feature-rich and out-of-the-box solution, Sigga’s Mobile EAM is the way to go.

Key Features

Easy To Use

Intuitive UI, designed specifically for end-users by SAP PM and plant maintenance experts.


Control the work order and notification process from start to finish, working online or fully offline.

Control Center

Have greater control of your configuration, user management, and work order dispatching using our web-based control center.

Mobile Forms

Further reduce the need for paper by recording maintenance processes using the Mobile Forms feature.

Integrated Technologies

Make use of device peripherals such as QR codes, RFID, camera functions, barcodes, thermal cameras and beacons.



Profitable Benefits

Why Go Mobile Now?

Manual processes are extremely error prone, unorganized and costly. They also require a lot of time to simply input data into the ERP system, taking away from productive work time. Analysis has proven that manual processes are largely responsible for the ‘bad’ data that gets into the system and research shows that ‘bad’ data can cost businesses 30% or more of their revenue. Going mobile is the best way to start getting cleaner data, increasing productivity, and ensuring your business will be sustainable in the future as technology continues to advance in this time of the Digital 4.0 movement. 

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Mobile EAM Product Sheet

Download our Mobile EAM one page product sheet for more information about how our solution can help your business.

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Mobile Forms

Mobile EAM elevates the maintenance maturity curve by providing SAP functionality in an easy to use format in the palm of your hand. Sigga Mobile Forms is a part of the Mobile EAM solution that takes the digitization process a step further. It allows you to take paper forms and documents specific to company needs and create digital versions of them that store directly to SAP – reducing time and money for printing. They can also be linked as a mandatory process that must be completed before moving on to the next step in a job, enhancing safety precautions.

Success Stories

With Sigga, our employees no longer spend hours printing and attaching execution procedures to their respective work orders.
Robson Barbosa
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To ensure a high quality of services delivered, it is essential that inspectors closely monitor contractors' activities, directly in the field.
Ricardo Santos Soares Lima
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In addition to having the best business proposition, Sigga's ability to handle large amounts of data in both online and offline modes were key in helping us decide to make our decision.
Henrique Hovoruski
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