How Can Mobile Warehouse & Inventory Improve Your Business?

Sigga’s Mobile Warehouse & Inventory digitalizes the workflow of stockroom personnel, from inbound to outbound transactions, with an intuitive user interface. It works online and offline and fully integrates and synchronizes with SAP. Warehouse and inventory management is enhanced through material movements with real-time stock overviews, resulting in reduced lead time and increased accuracy. This solution forms the foundation for modern, well-administered warehouses with innovative technology. 

Increase Inventory Accuracy

Eliminate the errors associated with manual processes by allowing users to input data directly and immediately into the mobile application.

Reduce Lead Time

Lead times are critical to maintenance and production. The longer time it takes to get a shipment out the door, the higher your costs.

Communicate Faster

Dispatch SAP MM, WM, and QM documents from your mobile device, and quickly assign each person their specific tasks.

Simplify Your Work

Utilize barcodes to quickly enter material and storage information and process documents faster, in a user-friendly application.

Key Features


Perform faster and more accurate inventory cycle counts & create inventory documents directly from the mobile application. Validate, approve, and submit adjustments to SAP.

Goods Movement

Fulfill reservations and create material documents for goods issue, transfer posting, and other main processes inside the warehouse.

Stock Overview

Check stock information anytime, anywhere, and take immediate action on critical components.

Quality Inspection

Execute quality inspections for materials, evaluate characteristics, record defects, and make usage decisions.

Profitable Benefits

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Mobile Warehouse & Inventory Product Sheet

Learn more about how Sigga's Mobile Warehouse & Inventory application can streamline your workflow.

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