How Can P&S Improve Your Business?

Sigga’s Planning & Scheduling is a web-based solution fully built in SAP Fiori (powered by Sigga framework).  It provides all necessary information in one solution, instead of having to sift through multiple SAP transactions and countless Excel spreadsheets. The drag-and-drop functionality allows work to quickly be assigned and the advanced scheduling algorithm easily identifies high-value work to reduce repetitive administrative tasks. Leverage the complete Sigga Suite to directly integrate Planning & Scheduling with Mobile EAM to achieve a fully connected digital plant.  

Decrease Your Backlog

Clean up your backlog with rules and automated user-defined algorithms to identify the most valuable and important work first.

Enhance Capability Management

Assign skills and specific knowledge to the best suited resources and leverage Sigga’s advanced scheduling algorithm to match them to the right work.

Reduce Materials Shortage Risk

View material status of all work orders at any time and be visually alerted proactively of any material availability issues.

Automate Manual Routines

Use Sigga’s application of recurring rules to ensure daily tasks are always performed.

See For Yourself

Learn more about how Sigga's Planning & Scheduling solution makes the life of a planner easier during this brief overview demo.  Get a quick impression of the look, feel and functionalities of the design and user experience.

Key Features

Dashboard Views

Sigga’s dashboards provide a complete and holistic view of planning & scheduling activities to enable better preparation for future activities and priorities.


Reduce repetitive administrative tasks and automate orders using historical information and user defined rules.

Dynamic Rules

Define rules based on a combination of fields to automate priorities and decisions, allowing you to have more time to focus on other important tasks.

Ability Matrix

Configure and maintain the qualification levels of maintenance resources based on work centers, asset types, and individual technical objectives. Control the person’s specific permits, training and valid certificates required for specific assignments.

Profitable Benefits

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Planning & Scheduling

Download our Planning & Scheduling one page product sheet for more information about how our solution can help your business.

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