20 Years of Simplifying EAM Workflows

October 19, 2021

Only a handful of companies have been in the business of supporting Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for a full two decades. And even fewer have experience providing mobile EAM solutions for nearly that long.

That’s why here at Sigga, we are proud to be celebrating 20 years of partnering with global enterprise SAP customers to accelerate and achieve their EAM digital transformation initiatives. Over the past two decades, we’ve provided services and innovative software applications that optimize maintenance workflows, streamline processes and generate real-time data to enhance productivity.

Our longevity is due to the successes of our loyal customers, many of which have been with us from the beginning. Here’s our story.

Sigga History

The Early Foundations

Our founder and CEO, Warley Borges, is no stranger to overcoming challenges and hard work. Growing up in the interior of Brazil, Warley had to work hard to make his dreams come true.

Warley initially went to work as a maintenance technician and quickly moved into management. While working full time, he opened his first business of building and selling computers. When speaking to potential investors in 2019, he called, “At that time,I had to work all day as a manager, attend engineering university at night and work on building computers with the remainder of my time.”

With several years of industrial maintenance experience under his belt, Warley sold his computer company to take a position at a Professional Services firm supporting ERP implementations. It was during this time thatWarley first met Romeu Sciotta, our current Executive Vice President, who was also building his career in Professional Services consulting.

Warley Noticed that there was an opportunity in the markettoprovide an even greater level of service to customers in the EAM space.So, it wasn’t long before the entrepreneurial spirit hitWarleyagain and, in 2001, he opened his own Professional Services Firm– Sigga. (It’s interesting to note that in Portuguese, SIGGA stands for Innovative Solutions to Guarantee Asset Management.) Romeu joined Warley at Sigga, establishing the leadership and foundation for our company.

Warley’sfirstbusiness planentailed having17 consultants working with companies to implement Maximo,Oracle,and SAP.In only 4 years,Warleyand RomeugrewSiggato more than 70 consultants and the company became the mostwell-knownEAM professional services company in South America.

From Professional Services to EAM Software

In working with SAP EAM clients,Warleyand Romeusaw the opportunity to vastly improve how maintenance teams use the powerful program. With this insight, they transitioned from a professional services company to being a provider of mobile apps and EAM software solutions to provide a more intuitive and productive user experience with SAP.

In 2002, they launched their first Mobile EAM app. Overtime,they drove continued continual innovations and support for the evolutions of mobile technologies.As a result, our first Mobile EAM customer, a leading manufacturer and supplier of cement, remains a global client of Sigga today.

Keeping Up With 20-Years of ERP Evolutions

From our early history of helping customers install ERP systems to providing solutions that vastly improve the interface and use of SAP, we have been dedicated to helping customers get the most out of theirEAMsystems.In 2005, Warley expanded our investment in R&D and hired Gustavo Comanduci, our current CTO, to join the company to lead the product innovation roadmap.

As a result, we have stayed on the cutting edge of developing and supporting mobile apps and software solutions that improve the use of each generation of SAP technologies. We were the first SAP partner to have a product running on the Sybase Unwired Platform. We were also the first partner to perform an SAP Customer Qualification Process.

With our deep industry experience, we developed a proprietary SAP-certified software integration technology for enterprise-scale installations to deliver higher performance for high volumes of users and transactions. We are one of a very few companies that have successfully addressed thischallenge.Due to this work,we became a benchmark SAP ICC partner for integrating solutions to SAP.

Our commitment to SAPcan be seen in our long history ofSAP qualifications including our SAP-certified EAM solutions,and sustaining our SAP Silver Partner Status for over 15-years.

 Rapid Global Expansion

We have a long history of working with asset-intensive, large, and global corporations with locations around the world. To serve our customers’ local operations, we have been continually expanding our talent around the globe including sales and professional services to provide deployment and on-going support.In the past few years, we officially opened offices in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, and then in 2019, moved the company headquarters to Houston, Texas.

A few examples of our global clients include oil and gas supplier, Petrobras consumer goods manufacturer, Unilever agri-business, BP Bunge beverage manufacturer Anheuser-Busch (Ambev) and metals and mining company, Glencore.

Prepared for the Next 20-Years

In 2020, we went into partnership with Gemspring Capital to bring additional support to our rapid growth trajectory. Gemspring chose to invest in Sigga due to our unique, competitive offerings and significant growth potential according to Aron Grossman, Managing Director at Gemspring. “Sigga’s world-class suite of EAM software products drives significant ROI for customers. The value and efficiency gain the software provides is of significant importance in today’s highly competitive market given the need for enterprises to drive higher plant efficiency despite shortages of skilled maintenance workers. We are delighted to partner with Warley and the entire Sigga team to build on their successes to date and accelerate the company’s momentum.”

Gemspring takes a hands-on approach to help drive growth, market leadership, operational excellence, and strategic value for their partner companies. Their expertise, resources, and capital will help us to accelerate our reach of service and support for our global clients.

Our Experience is Your Guarantee of Success

Today, Sigga is a US company, who’s mission continues to be focused on helping companies accelerate their digital transformation of Enterprise Asset Management.Our Mobile EAM app is a globally recognized solution to improve the work of maintenance teams and our talented people are constantly bringing new innovations to help our SAP customers achieve new levels of productivity and profitability.

With our 20 years of experience in transforming maintenance operations in enterprise asset-intensive industries,our customer-centric culture,and a high level of integrity,you can expect fast results.We have the knowledge and expertise to take you from initial engagement through deployment and supporting on-going use of our solutions to simplify how your organization works with SAP. You can count on us your success is our guarantee.