The pandemic has been a catalyst for accelerating digital transformation initiatives. Numerous organizations responded to the pandemic by trying to advance operational digitization as quickly as possible, but effective change management is going to be key for those that succeed.


“Companies are pouring millions into ‘digital transformation’ initiatives — but a high percentage of those fail to pay off.”

Harvard Business Review


For industrial maintenance operations, the issue is exacerbated by the fact that many organizations are early on the digitization curve and still using paper-based processes. According to Jennifer Waldo, for TechTarget IoT Agenda, “The idea of technological speed and agility are evolving concepts in the industrial world. The industrial sector is just beginning to embrace more digital elements in order to compete successfully in the current era. Shifting the culture of an industrial company to more quickly adapt and embrace digitization will be one of the biggest factors in a successful transformation.”


The results are worth it when you effectively manage the process to not only change technologies but fully address the work processes and people impacts. “When companies get all of the requirements right, the results can be impressive. Leading players in a variety of heavy industries have used digital tools to dramatically reduce unplanned outages while boosting maintenance-labor productivity. Higher availability and a more-efficient workforce have increased profitability by 4 to 10 percent in some organizations,” according to McKinsey & Co. research.


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