Sigga is a proud partner of SAP

For over 15 years, SAP certification has been an important seal of quality for our products. And we make sure that each of our products are certified and achieves 100% compliance within SAP rigorous standards and guidelines.


Offering SAP-certified solutions shows that our technologies integrate with SAP enabling data to flow properly, secure and with integrity, giving the user the peace of mind that their systems and data are running smoothly. It also helps to shorten the sales cycle when addressing IT technical questions and concerns.


We have been in the cutting edge of adding new SAP technologies to our products for some time now: we were the 1st partner to have a product running on Sybase Unwired Platform, first partner to perform an SAP Customer Qualification Process, and we become a SAP ICC partner benchmark when it comes to integrating solutions to SAP.


Until today, we continue to be tuned on SAP’s strategies, products, and roadmap, which helps us to align the certification with the updates we provide to our customers, ensure they are good to go with the latest and greatest technological evolutions.


We invest time and resources to perfect our platform’s performance, integration, and compliance with SAP because we understand our customers’ needs for transparency and reliability. 


Being an SAP Silver partner and an SAP-certified partner, differentiates ourselves from the competition and reinforces our commitment with the SAP ecosystem.

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Our CTO, Gustavo Comanduci talks
SAP integration.