When looking for an EAM solution, have you ever seen the terms SAP Partner or SAP-Certified?


Do you know the difference? Is there a difference?


In this post, we’ll learn more about the difference between being an SAP Partner vs. being SAP-Certified and why it’s important for your business.



Quick facts about SAP


  • SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products for Data Processing) is a platform created to optimize business management. SAP is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) product/platform that integrates different parts of a company, no matter how it is divided.
  • SAP can integrate everything from entire business regions (Europe, Americas, Africa, Asia), corporate functions (e.g. Production, Finance HR, Marketing & Sales), to the equipment used in the smallest part of a business operation such as the device used to track inventory or a cashier at the point of sale.
  • Operating through customizable modules, SAP offers solutions for companies of all sizes in any industry. 
  • SAP is the most recognized and used ERP system in the world. Due to its overwhelming market dominance, it is very common for companies to work with products and services linked to SAP.


By now, odds are that you’ve heard the terms SAP Partner and/or SAP-Certified before, so what’s the difference, and why is it a big deal?





SAP Partner


An SAP partner is usually called an SAP business partner.


This partner can be an individual, a customer, a supplier, or an organization that is a member of the SAP Business Partner Community. This means that they either use SAP in any way, provide SAP implementation consulting services, or resell SAP software and services.


In the context of this article, an SAP partner is a company, usually a consulting firm, authorized to implement SAP solutions, suggest process improvements, and help other companies use SAP in their operations.


In short, the SAP partner is focused on improving your company’s use of SAP, guiding your company not only to operate the software platform but also to adapt your business processes to SAP products and solutions.


Sigga, for example, is an SAP Silver Business Partner. We provide SAP consulting services in addition to our SAP Certified solutions.








SAP Certified


An SAP Certified solution is a platform, software, or application that is certified by SAP to integrate with a company’s existing SAP ERP.

SAP offers more than 200 types of certifications that fall within two levels: Associate and Professional.

Obtaining a Professional SAP certification is not easy and can only be made through a strict application process.

For a company to even apply for SAP certification, it must have significant experience in the market, proven knowledge of business processes, and a fully demonstrated understanding of SAP solutions.

Once these requirements are met, SAP tests the solutions applying for certification. SAP carries out several validation tests on its platform to validate not only that the solution works appropriately, but also that it perfectly complies and adheres to SAP’s strict business rules.

In short, Sigga is both an SAP Silver Business Partner and SAP Certified.




                       sapc              sapci




Why does this matter?


Customer peace of mind.


An SAP-Certified solution guarantees that all data is fully integrated with the existing system and ensures that all information flows respecting SAP business and security rules. This provides relief for IT professionals, all system users, and the entire company.



What about the risks of using non-certified EAM solutions?


Using non-certified solutions brings great risks to your business:

  • Impaired Performance
  • Reduced reliability
  • Compromised cybersecurity

Other common issues with using non-certified solutions include:

  • Reduced system speed and crashes due to competition for data traffic
  • Poor/incorrect reporting due to system data mismanagement.

Additionally, some non-certified solutions require access to confidential and/or sensitive information areas within SAP.



Are you willing to take these risks?




How we can help


Sigga‘s 20+ years’ experience in SAP integration, asset management, and industrial maintenance solutions can efficiently guide you and your company through the process. You can partner with a company trusted by global industry giants such as ABInbev, Bunge, Petrobras and Saint-Gobain.




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Sigga conducts annual SAP certification reviews. This not only helps the company stay abreast with the latest and greatest SAP updates, but also gives customers peace of mind, and the confidence that Sigga deeply knows what it is doing when integrating with SAP ERP systems.


Sigga’s solutions allow you to optimize your data flow, execute maintenance routines, eliminate unproductive tasks, excessive unnecessary shifts, and reduce paper usage to zero.


Using Sigga’s EAM Product Suite on your existing SAP ERP greatly facilitates executing your asset management strategy objectives as well as reaching your asset performance and productivity goals. All this while following SAPs strict business and security rules.


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