Smart vs. Traditional Maintenance


If you have been using SAP PM for years without added automation solutions, you are likely missing opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce downtimeSee what can be accomplished in this infographic: Smart vs. Traditional Maintenance.


Mar 16 Table_SmartXtraditional-Maintenance


Get on the Path Towards Smart Maintenance


If your current processes are fairly traditional, consider solutions to drive further automation and mobilize your workforce with an experienced partner who can help you work through the changes. Sigga has 20 years of experience with SAP PM and maintenance workflows plus a history of successful deployments across a wide range of industries. The Sigga Planning & Scheduling solution is the most complete and flexible solution for SAP PM with the ability to add custom rules and data tables to automate many of your routine processes. Sigga also has an integrated

Mobile EAM solution to streamline maintenance work while improving data capture with technicians.


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